A VW Corrado G60 1.8 in 1991 to have served as a donor car in the G60 project. The Corrado I found through an ad marketplace and bought in July 2010. The car was tight in his paint and there was rust or something to confess. The engine had a small 170,000 on the odometer. After a long test drive, we bought the car and taken to Almere.

The car was initially intended as a continuation of the Scirocco line, which consisted of the Scirocco I & II and III would start wearing the name Scirocco. The Scirocco III (later Corrado), had an “image maker”, for a price lower than the Scirocco II into production. However, the car proved to be too expensive to be the direct successor to serve. Furthermore, the choice of engines can not be compared with those of the Scirocco line. With a custom sales strategy is the car in the market positioned as a ‘High-class sports coupe. The Corrado was only manufactured to order, so of every Corrado in Osnabruck of the band walked the buyer was already known.

The car is a 3 door with 2 + 2 seating nations was built on a composite platform that was formed by the Volkswagen’s B3 platform in the back and the A2 platform at the front. The mechanical components were shared with other VW types. In the 7th year of construction was the Corrado a mix of the technical components of the Golf II, III and Passat B 3 & 4 with a wide variety of petrol engines.

Technische gegevens:

Cylinder Inhoud: 1781 cm³
Boring x Slag: 81 mm × 86.4 mm3.19 in × 3.4 in
Aantal cilinders: 4 in lijn met 8 kleppen
Distributie: SOHC2 Kleppen per cilinder
Boring/slag verhouding: 0.94
Eenheidscylinderinhoud: 445.25
Vermogen bij toeren: 118kw (160pk) bij 5600 toeren
Compressieverhouding: 8:01
Max. Koppel bij toeren: 225 Nm bij 3800 toeren
Brandstof voorziening: Digifant 1587.6 kPa(230.3 psi) elek.inspuiting
Aantal nokkenas lagers: 5
Afkoeling: Water
Aanzuiging: S/Charged
Compressor: G-Lader supercharger
Intercooler: Lucht/Lucht
Katalysator: Ja
Transmissie: 5 handgeschakeld, voorwielaandriving
Remmerij: Schijfremmen V/A (Ø voor 280, achter 226 mm), ABS
Wielbasis: 2470mm
Lengte: 4050mm
Leeggewicht: 1155kg
Topsnelheid: 225km p/u
0-100: 7.0 sec