After a G60 project to have done, I had a Corrado rear of the donor car that I had used. This was still a good tailgate spoiler incl lift engine etc …..?

At the marketplace, I went looking for Golf 3 trunk, because I do not wish to sit in my original heels and also I did not sure whether I’d like it on my Cabrio. After a week of searching I found a small tailgate with some slight damage I for 20, – should pick up. The lid and spoiler, I have a friend to spray the color of the car so I could possibly fit it.

1. Drill / dremel with metal drills
2. Grinder
3. Sensitive material tape
4. Stanley
5. Screwdriver
6. Which cables (+ / -)
7. 12v source (battery or charger)
8. Paper, scissors, tape
9. WD40 lubricant for better work
10. tape measure / ruler
11. Common sense!

Below ff a roadmap of the actions I have taken:
1. Put your tailgate down and stick the edges that need to be cut out.
2. Take your grinder and grind the pieces out there.
- I have it all a little too widely publicized, I noticed afterwards, but the carved parts I have, so they go neatly back to the whole beautiful finish.
3. Once the pieces are gone, ff fit and measurement.
4. Make a mold of the spoiler. You do this by printing paper jumbled up (or any other material, actually) Place the spoiler on the glued paper and draw a pencil / pen along the edges of the spoiler and cut it out.
5. Determine the exact places on the mold, where the spoiler in the rubber plates will be lower, and cutting it out of the mold.
6. Paste the tailgate with paper tape (for sensitive materials to prevent later you paint comes off when pulling) advantage of this tape is that you can write it and when drilling, the drill neatly into place ;-)
7. Put your spoiler and the mold round and round on the back to the correct position.
8. Once you are sure of yourself, draw around the template on the places where the holes you will use.
9. Grab your drill / dremel and drill holes.
10. Attach the lift motor on the back and fasten with the rubber sheets.
11. Test your spoiler!

I found it very nice to see how all went back and forth. Very flexible and reliable.